Sunday, July 3, 2011

Royals Game

Having a little boy has totally changed the way I feel about sports. Other than sporting events being a reason to have a party involving dips and chili or an excuse to have a few beers on a Sunday I could've cared less.

Now that Max has a clear love for all games involving a ball I catch myself being much more interested in them. I search the TV for any game that Max and I can watch together and I was genuinely excited to go to the Royals game with him last weekend. It's amazing how his short, toddler attention span suddenly becomes so focused when sports are involved.

SO into the game. This little super-fan clapped for both the Cubs and the Royals.

Throwin' back a few cold ones...

Face covered in mustard and ketchup as it should be at a ball game.

Aside from feeding off the joy he gets from sports I figure I need to learn all the ins and outs of the games anyway. In the future when its one of my boys out on the field, court or course I'm going to be all over it. I'm afraid I'll be one of those crazy moms dressed in my son's "number" and yelling obscenities at the ref. Oh the unexpected joys of having a boy :)

Here's a shot of my next little ball player.

Tracking stats...

No time for kisses Dada...

There are a few other "perks" we enjoyed during this outing that solidified Max's belief that sporting events are well worth living for.

We had Billy's company club box so we had nice, cushy seats in the shade. Plus it was great to be able to go in the A/C when Max's cheeks got a little flushed.

The room came equipped with tons of food and cookies at a level that Max could reach :)

As if the cookies weren't enough the dessert cart makes stops at the suite as well.

After the ice cream we took Max out to the little water park in the outfield to rinse off.

This is how Max looks after a hot dog, grapes, pineapple, pasta salad, chips, three cookies and two scoops of ice cream...followed by 20 minutes at the waterpark in 100 degree weather. He was one pooped puppy.

And just for fun, because you know I love to reminisce, how is it possible that THIS was only last year at the Royals game??

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