Monday, August 30, 2010

Adventures in Eating

"Look at that baby's legs!" is what I hear at least once a day when Max and I are out and about. He has rolls, upon rolls, upon rolls. Oh, how I love the squishy-ness of this child. Some of it is genetic and part of it has to do with his healthy appetite. This kid loves. to. eat.

Dinnertime is serious business at our house. Max starts bucking and kicking as soon as we head toward the highchair. I've experimented with flavor combinations in hopes that Max will be an adventerous eater. Our little "foodie" loves everything I whip up - Parsnips w/Asian Pears & Ginger, Rosemary Risotto w/Aspargus Puree, Greenbean Puree w/Mint. He's developed quite a sophisticated palate :) He even makes a "mmmmm" sound after each spoonful like he's savoring every bite. Mangos and banana's are high on his list of favorites right now too. But nothing compares to his passion for pickles. He loves pickles almost as much as I do. The below images illustrate Max's enthusiasm for food...


"What is THIS thing?!"
"I'll give it a try"
"This is DELICIOUS, Mom!"
These are the faces he made when the pickle was taken away... I gave it back to him and he was instantly happy again :)
And of course bathtime is usually neccessary afterwards.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Memory Card Full

Those of you who know me really well know that I'm scared to death of deleting ANYTHING off of my memory card. Even when I have an image saved to my computer and on an online storage site and on a still breaks my heart to discard that special moment. It's weird and irrational, but it's a real phobia I have. I still have pictures from our trip to Italy in May of 2009 saved on a card that holds over 800 images. What is wrong with me? I'll be taking pictures of Max when all of a sudden I hear that familiar "beep beep" of the memory card full warning and I have to hurry and determine which photos to delete in order to avoid missing the next "cutest moment ever" in Max's life.

It’s amazing the amount of life altering experiences that fits on that little card no bigger than a postage stamp. This week I decided it was time to get over my fear. So, in an attempt at closure, Billy and I plugged the camera into the TV and watched our lives evolve with the many moments that were held on the card. We laughed at how innocent we look in the pictures from Italy before finding out we were going to have a baby and how swollen I was right before having Max and we teared up at how embarrassingly proud we look the day he was born.
Here are a few images that I bravely deleted from that little card that is now waiting to be filled up again. Enjoy...





Wine tasting


Halloween and getting huge
Thanksgiving-ish - 3 more months to go!

Big Momma - so swollen. I had a long night ahead of me...
...but the end result was this pink, wrinkly, bundle of love.

Our first night in the hospital Max slept on Daddy's chest.

At home: Bill on burp-duty

So tiny!

First bath

Just a few days old.

One of my favorites!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Letter to Max

My sweet little man,
Where have the months gone? How has half a year passed already since we first laid eyes on one another? Your world is changing so fast - so much progress in such a short amount of time. I'm in awe of all the things you can do now. I can tell that you're just as impressed with yourself as we are. :) Dad and I have done quite a bit of growing in this short amount of time too. We are the same people we were before, but better since having you. We've agreed that we appreciate everything in the world more because of how different and wonderful it all feels with you in it. Thank you for bearing with us as we have tried to figure things out. We try every day to make the very best decisions for you so that you will one day grow up to be confident and happy and kind. Thank you for being so good - for eating well, and sleeping well and brightening our days with your heart-bursting smile. Happy 6 months, Max McAlister. You are the light of our lives - over and over again.

My whole heart,

I can't wait until Max is old enough to look back on this blog and read about all of his first adventures in life. This is his "baby book" in a way. There are just not enough pages in the regular ones to capture everything! Below are pics from his 1/2 birthday...
Brave Baby!
Max got three shots at his 6 month check-up and has the bandages to prove it. I think the experience was worse for Mom & Dad to witness than it was for him. Max is as tough as woodpecker lips!! :)

Max says: "No biggie, guys. But I WILL take this paper home with me if you don't mind."

Animal Max:

We treated Max with a trip to "Max's Autodiner" for his half-birthday. It was more of a treat for us this time but we really want it to be a tradition we have with Maxer every year. Billy and I shared a burger (called the "Animal Max":) while Max helped himself to his chubby fingers...

Max says: "Ready to get the party started, Dad!"

Waiting for our food.

So he didn't feel left out at his own celebration we brought along a special treat - Blueberry YoBaby! I was so excited when Dr. Kate told us he could start eating yogurt. The first bite was questionable, but after that he couldn't get enough and made a growling noise when I put the spoon away. Animal Max!?
"What the heck was that?!"
"On second thought...I'll have another bite!"
Happy guy back at home :)

A good day should end with a good book. "I love You, Stinky Face" is our fav. Luckily he had just gotten out of the bath so he wasn't so stinky anymore.