Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

We had such a memorable 4th of July this year. We spent most of our time outside. Max in his swimmy diaper. A continuous rotation of meat coming off the grill and the smell of fireworks in the air. I felt like we were well on our way to giving Max the kind of Independence Day I remember as a kid.

I will credit our dear friend, Julia, with bringing the patriotic spirit to the party. She introduced fireworks to Max and convinced me to let him stay up to watch the display at night and I'm so glad we did.

This was actually the "3rd of July". We had a little gathering with close friends and neighbors...

Julia brought smoke bombs and Max was so excited. Not only because they were shaped like a "ball", but he loved trying to catch the colored smoke in his hands. We went through the whole package pretty quickly. As soon as one was finished he'd run over and ask for "more ball?" and then carry it over to Julia to light.

Lounging with Aunt Erin.

The next coolest thing ever was Snap Pops! I thought he'd be scared of them but he had a blast throwing them on the ground and hearing the pop.

Uncle Matt helping with the aqua socks :)

Starring contest with Sam...

Can I get in trouble for a picture like this??

Julia and Max

This looks mean, but he kept asking us to splash him in the face. He just laughed and laughed.

I have no idea how many brats and dogs he had throughout the day. Check out the little sausage legs too :)

Playing with the neighbor boy.

Billy and Julia ran the fireworks display out front.

All ready for bed, but getting to stay up late to watch fireworks. He was being mesmerized by a sparkler in this picture.

"Look at that Uncle Matt!"
Well worth keeping him up until 10pm.

Then the ice cream man stopped by!

What's more American than a Bomb Pop?

I think this will go down in history as one of Max's favorite days that he'll never remember. The thought of this wonderful day (among many other wonderful days he's had) not making it into his little memory bank makes me a little sad. But I like to think these experiences are helping to form his view of life and how truly fantastic it is.

With Max in bed we ended intermission and awaited the finale.

The next day we went to Lolli & Boobo's house to celebrate. My parents have the best yard and courtyard for outdoor gatherings. When I was little we went to my grandparents farm and had celebrations just like this one.

Lolli pulling Max in the wagon with his new ball.

Max loves this tractor as long as you don't turn it on :)

More pool time!

I think Max would tell you that the killer diaper rash he got from having a soggy bottom all weekend was worth it :)

I feel lucky that we're able to give Max these experiences with friends and family.

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