Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finger Painting

First of all, whoever decided this activity was to be called "finger painting" did not have kids. Or hasn't met my kid. Or maybe had older kids with a sense self control when they decided that the paint would be restricted to the fingers only. What we did was more like whole-body painting. Not that I expected he'd only get paint on his was just comical to me to say the words finger painting when my son was standing in front me looking like this...

I guess maybe Max is a little young to be finger painting but it sounded like fun. Especially since coloring and scribbling on paper are at the top of his list of things he loves to do these days. When he sees a blank sheet of paper he always asks "color? color?"

Plus his Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt got him a gift certificate to T-Pin Designs for his first birthday and we needed some artwork to create our cards from.

It didn't take him long to catch on to the concept.

Max was in the groove. It was like watching a crazy little artist create a master piece.

My creative genius. Ready for a bath.

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  1. You have to make cards out of that last picture via shutterfly. Hilarious. Love my babe!

    -Aunt EB