Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Dear Max,

I love to peek at you when you're sleeping and the house is quiet. It brings so much peace to my heart to see you tucked in safe and sound.

I snuck in this night to stroke your hair and cup your chubby little cheeks in my hands knowing that there are only a few more weeks of you being my one and only little guy. There have been so many changes for you in the past few months...moving, giving up your bottle, giving up your pacifier (except for night-night), traveling, getting a new bed...you have made each transition effortlessly and I could not be more proud of you.

I'd stressed for weeks about how you were going to cope with each change. Planning the perfect strategy to make it as easy as possible on you. Each time I didn't even have a chance to follow my plan because you adapted so quickly. I know you're going to be the same way when your brother arrives. I'm so blessed to be your mom and I love the little person I see you becoming.

I used to always say that morning was the most precious part of our day together, but lately it has been beat out by night time. Your Dad and I have already worked out a plan so I can keep our most special part of the day the same even after Sullivan arrives. Our night-night routine is something so important to me and I can tell you feel the same way.

As soon as dinner is done you ask me "Baff?! Baff?!" enthusiastically. You LOVE bathtime and definitely do not let me forget that it's next on the agenda after dinner.

After your bath you run naked down the hall to your room and immediately start pulling books off your bookshelf. I annoy you with the tedious process of putting on pj's. Then comes the best part...we read books and cuddle on your big comfy chair and give eskimo kisses and laugh. You point out my eyes and my ears and my nose. Then I go through and list all of the people who love you. This list is long but you just lay in my arms and listen to everyone's name that I count off.

Then I whisper in your ear "It's night-night time. I love you" as I lay you down and cover you up. Sometimes you turn over and close your eyes right away and sometimes you hold out your hand so I can do "Little Boat"...a little poem that I say while drawing circles in the palm of your hand. I cherish every moment of this part of our day when you're my calm, sleepy little boy.

I will do this every night for as long as you'll let me.

My whole heart,

This particular night, you felt really attached to this book. You wouldn't let me put it back on the shelf so I tucked you in with it. Hours later when this picture was taken you still had a pretty good grip on it :)

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  1. Sara Marie...you capture everything so sweetly in words...I can so relate to what you write...most mothers would! You are such a good momma! I love you!