Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Introducing the next Rory McIlroy...

Max has been watching a good amount of golf lately. I'm sure it sounds odd that out of all sports on TV golf happens to be my favorite to watch. Its relaxing and I get really into the individual players and their stories. Billy thinks its comical that I will fight him over watching 5 minutes of a Royals game on television, but will spend hours watching golf.

We were tuned in to the British Open this weekend and Max would sit with us contently. Intermitently he would point at the screen and say "Goff!"...just to be sure Billy and I knew what it was that we were watching.

We decided that if he was ever going to be the next young golf prodigy he atleast needed his first set of clubs. Rory McIlroy was driving a golf ball 40 yards by the time he was 2 years old. No kidding. So my little Maxman better get busy since he's already over the toddler hill at 17 months old ;)

Max played with his new golf set all afternoon. He'd put the ball on the floor and whack at it. We admittedly need to work on the swing a little. He also thought the little "putting cup" it came with was a hat and tried to wear it on his head. Like I said...we've got a few kinks to work out, but we're making progress :)

Getting lessons from our in-house golf pro...Dada.

I think he needs a caddy...

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  1. Max looks so grown up in these pictures. I think it is the buzz cut. Someone needs to break it to him that golf courses generally require collard shirts. At the very least, the nipples need to be concealed.

    -Aunt EB