Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mad Max

So it's not always roses and sunshine around the Murray household. We have our bad days too. Mister Max was not a happy boy after our family portrait photoshoot the other day. We got some great photos but afterward he seemed a little overwhelmed. Rather than stress about Max's meltdown I decided to get out my own camera and capture it. I imagine I'm going to miss that sweet little newborn cry someday. I want to remember every single moment. Even the not so pleasant ones...

Party "Pooper"

Happy 33rd Birthday, Billy! Max gave Daddy a very nice surprise in his diaper for a birthday gift this year...and it wasn't so neatly wrapped. After more than a day of just "wet" diapers we knew a perfect storm was brewing in the little guy. He was just saving it up to make sure Daddy got an extra special present on this very special birthday. I've spared you all the pictures of the explosion, but needless to say the kitchen sink sprayer got involved in the clean up and his poor onesie could not be salvaged. I posted less nauseating pictures of the birthday below. Ahh, parenthood. You know you're losing it when you think others really want to hear about your kid's poop. Sorry!

Anyway, our "party" was a little more low-key than in years past :) It's funny how our priorities have changed. In previous years Billy's parties almost certainly ended with a cab ride home after celebrating with 57 of our nearest and dearest friends. However, he just wanted it to be the four (including Oli) of us at home on his birthday this year. So we had a nice dinner, cookie cake and opened presents...just us! Oh, how little Max has made big changes around here.

Waitin' for Dad to get home so the party can start...

Wearing his "I love Daddy" shirt (and much of his dinner as you can see from the big wet spot around the collar)

Billy and his boys!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


St. Patrick's Day is a very important holiday in the Murray family so it was exciting to have Max in our lives to share the traditions with this year. It started with the Snake Saturday parade in Brookside, corned beef and cabbage dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Murray's on Sunday and breakfast at Paddy O'Quigley's on the big day...


Ready to go! Max dressed in his onesie from Grama Lolli

Max slept through the entire parade

Lunch at Blue Grotto


"My First St. Patrick's Day"

Max with cousin Nora at Quigley's for an early breakfast

Ok, ENOUGH photos! I'm ready to go.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Max the Tank

We can't believe our "little" guy is one month old! I use the word "little" in quotations because he is anything but small these days. He gained 3 lbs and grew 2 inches within 3 weeks. The nurses at Grandma Murray's office have nicknamed him "Tank" due to his very healthy weight gain. He's a solid 10 lbs 7 oz and his cheeks couldn't get any chubbier! I love it!! :) Check out the pics of our chunky monkey...

Happy "4 weeks" to our little Michelin Man!

Get a shot of the belly!

Hey Mom, how many chins do I have now??

Mmmm...even my hands taste good.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Busy Baby!

Max is adjusting to life as a Murray very well...he kept up with our extremely busy weekend schedule and loved every minute of it. He even attended his first VIP event on Friday night! It seems he's most comfortable when there's lots of commotion and people around. Quite a social guy...just like his Daddy!

Friday afternoon we took him to my office to meet my work friends. Everyone was so great during the 9 months leading up to his arrival and I wanted them to meet the little person who had "accompanied" me to work everyday :)

Then we made a quick stop by Sheehan's Irish Imports, which is a "must-do" for any little Irish baby.

Afterward we attended the "Friends & Family" grand opening of Kelly's rooftop patio. He was the youngest VIP in attendance...

Max in his sling.

Billy and Max decked out in their Kelly's gear.

" a bar..."

View from the rooftop.

With Colleen Kelly

Megan, Kevin and Lyla stopped by to meet Max Friday evening...

Saturday we got dressed up in our KU gear and met some friends at Tower Tavern for lunch and to watch the Hawks beat MU!

Ready to go!

Saturday evening we had lots of visitors! The Molloy family came over to pay Max a visit. Carolyn, an infant massage specialist, stopped by and gave us a lesson in baby massage. Plus Aunt Jenni, Uncle Adam and Cassie came over. Busy, busy baby!

Stephen Molloy with Max.

Clare Molloy - Max's future babysitter!

Hanging out with Aunt Jenni (His shirt says "I love my Aunt!")

Sunday morning we packed up the stroller and walked to church. It was Max's first time at Mass and he did great. He seemed to really like the singing - he opened his eyes really wide and listened intently every time the choir started. Afterward we continued down the road to meet some friends for brunch. It was so nice to get some fresh air! And now we know that a ride in the stroller puts Max to sleep almost instantly :)

Later that day we had a visit from Aunt Lisa, Uncle Sean and the cousins. It will be so fun when Max is old enough to run around and play with those boys!
After all the activity of the weekend we were very worn out. We put on our pj's early and settled in to watch a little tv. Billy and I were so proud of how well Max did - he was so flexible and easy going all weekend. I hope he continues to be that way!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bottoms up!

Billy really wanted to participate in feeding Max and since nursing has been going great we decided we could introduce him to a bottle without too much trouble. He took it like a pro. He clearly likes to eat no matter what form it comes in :) Speaking of meal time...he's making growling noises from his bouncy seat as I type this which is his way of letting me know he's ready to eat soon! I better go before it escalates! :)