Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sully's 3D Sonogram

Billy and I decided to do Sullivan's 3D sonogram solo. When we did Max's we had as many family members in the room that would fit, which was awesome, but this time around we really wanted to have some uninterrupted one-on-one time with our boy. Its more difficult to focus on this new little life when our everyday lives are always so busy. We thought Sullivan deserved some Momma & Dada attention all to himself. This little boy will be here before we know it!

Seeing him kick and squirm on the screen as I felt his familiar movements made him become real. It was interesting to notice the differences from Max's features. Funny how you can have the same "ingredients" and end up with a completely different product! :) I had imagined he'd look exactly like Max, and he does have some familiar features, but his lips, nose and ears are all different. And we got to see his baby-bits on screen :) Kinda fun since we had to avoid the whole lower region during Max's 3D to keep the gender a secret. Let's just say Sullivan is definitely all boy and seems to be very proud of that fact!!

These pouty little lips melt my heart.

Cute button nose...

Tiny ears! Looks like he didn't get his Momma's ears like Max did :)

And he definitely got his Dad's long toes!
Of course, I still had to find a way to make a party out of the whole thing so we had a little get-together with our families to preview the DVD of Sullivan and have ice cream sundaes.

Micheal and Dad making banana splits.

Billy and Brandon making root beer floats.

Grandma Murray giving Max some of hers.

Max just mastered the straw recently so he was pretty proud of himself!

After ice cream and watching the DVD the kids had a great time playing together...

Keegan, Aunt Lisa and Max

Finn helping Annabelle on the firetruck.

Max showing her how its done.

Keegan helping Max drive the tractor.

Uncle Billy and Nora being silly.

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