Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Our holiday weekend in photos...

New Belgium "Clips of Faith" at Theiss Park:

The first night of the holiday weekend we decided to conduct a little test -- are we skilled enough parents to get our 15 month old to sleep in the midst of a film festival?

We decided at the last minute to pack up the blanket, our freshly pajama'd baby and a cooler full of snacks and head to Theiss Park like we did last year when Max was a little guy. We figured we might be able to stroll Max to sleep after a bottle and then put him in his little tent to sleep. Wishful thinking....

People watching.

Back from a beer run with Dada.

Pretty excited to have a cracker in his hand.

Checking out his accomodations.

Ok...here we go...a bottle then a spin in the stroller...

The results? We are not as brilliant as we thought we were. Max accepted our challenge and won this round. Last year Max slept through the entire thing and we had a beautiful night. This year we sadly had to pack up our little party after only two clips because Max wasn't having it.

We had to leave before I could get my cheddar artichoke dip and gourmet burger from the Whole Foods tent that I had planned on ordering as soon as the stinkbomb was asleep. Which leads me to our wonderful dinner the following night...

Best. Meal. Ever.

After pouting about leaving the festival without the meal I had my heart set on Billy was determind to make it right. So the following night we planned to make the meal I had missed out on and was now craving like a crazy pregnant woman.

We "splurged" on ground sirloin, special bakery buns, aged cheddar from the imported cheese section and the fanciest jar of mustard we could find. Billy grilled the burgers to perfection while I shredded the fancy cheese and made an arugula salad to top the burgers with.

We made a homemade artichoke dip with grilled pita bread and also grilled balsamic-soaked strawberries as a side (sounds weird, but SO delicious).

I had to take a couple food pics because we really, REALLY enjoyed making and eating this dinner...

The next morning we decided to walk up to our "new" neighborhood breakfast/lunch spot...Classic Cookie. They have ah-mazing cinnamon rolls. We ducked in quickly to buy a couple and grabbed the bench out front.

Stuffing cinnamon rolls in his mouth.

Later in the day (continuing with the theme of the weekend...FOOD) we went to Bohemia Hill for lunch and snow cones. We ate at a little French crepe restaurant and we were completely impressed with our lunch. I'm already plotting when we'll be able to go back. Seriously...THAT good. Then we walked across the street to the snow cone stand that Billy's highschool friend owns...Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones.

We hung out in the little nearby garden eating our snow cone sampler and watching Max run around. Our favorite flavors were watermelon basil, blackberry lavender and lemon prickly pear.

When we returned home we discovered that our sprinkler system was on. We still haven't figured out how to set that thing correctly. The timing this particular day was perfect, though. We had a sticky and sweaty boy and decided to take off his shoes and shirt and let him rinse off in the water.

Making Memorial Day Memorable:

I had been trying to think of a way to celebrate memorial day in a traditional way with Max. Not by going to the lake or to a BBQ, but doing something that had real meaning and paid respect to those who have gone before us. Like all the things we do...I realize Max doesn't understand yet, but its about setting a principle and a standard for years to come. I was so happy when my mom called to invite us to visit my great-grandparents graves. I didn't even know we had realtives buried in a nearby cemetary and we ended up getting a family history lesson from my Dad which was pretty special.

Smelling the flowers

Max stumbled upon Walter Cronkite. Random, but kind of cool.

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