Sunday, June 12, 2011

Savannah, GA : Part I

Dear Max,

This blog is full of your little milestones and firsts. And this was a big got to meet the Atlantic ocean on your very first trip to the East coast. It was probably the moment I was most excited for as I anticipated our family vacation.

There is something breathtaking about being face to face with the ocean and there's no doubt you felt its vastness as you stood at the at the edge of the water. You ran toward it with such enthusiasm, but once you reached the waves you were a little intimidated. The largest body of water you'd ever seen was the pool in our backyard. Not quite comparable :) Even if you didn't love the water I did love your genuine reaction.

You had a better time digging in the sand and looking for sea shells with Dada. You found one and gave it to me as you snuggled on my lap. That memory and that sea shell are priceless to me.

Started out so determined and brave...

...and then got a bit hesitant...

...which transformed into pure terror...

So Dad turned your attention to excavating sea shells.

Found me the perfect shell :)

From the beginning.........
We packed up our bags and our baby and headed to Georgia to meet up with the rest of the Meyers family. We were curious how we were going to get our non-stop toddler to sit on our laps for the plane ride, but he did surprisingly well. I was also wondering if we were going to need one of those kiddie leashes to keep track of him in the airports, but between reading the sports page with Dad and riding the escalators he stayed entertained.

I love comparing the above photo to this one from our trip last year!

When we arrived he was so excited to see everyone. Especially his Lolli and Annabelle!

The guys were just ready to relax...
But they got their share of baby-duty too :)

The first morning Billy, Max and I went for an early morning walk at a nearby park.

Then we all packed up to head to the beach for the afternoon. We stopped for lunch at the Crab Shack...

They had LIVE alligators!

Thank goodness this one wasn't real...

Off to the beach!

Max and I had to work out an arrangement with regard to sunscreen application. I could put his on IF I allowed him to put mine on. This deal saved us from a lot of foot stomping :)

My boys are so effortlessly cool ;)

Everyone except my mom pictured here! (and of course Michael and Jane who didn't come along this year :(

These were Max's last days (and mine!) of enjoying his pacifier and bottle. They both worked magic for the past 15 months and it probably was harder for me to part with these things than it was for him. We vowed to disappear them as soon as we got back from vacation so we'd have a clean break before Sullivan arrives. These pictures with his pacifier in his mouth look so funny to me already and its only been a week.

Stay tuned for Part II from our trip. The amount of pictures I have is overwhelming!

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  1. I love your swim suit! Aunt Erin will have Max swimming laps in no time.