Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday it rained.

It was one of those drizzly rains where you're not sure what speed to turn the windshield wipers on in the car or whether you should bother with an umbrella.

This put a serious cramp in our AM plans. Max has been loving his new backyard and to tell him he couldn't go out to play was devastating news.

Instead we got out the Play Dough. This distraction worked for a little bit. I can't believe I only had to tell him one time that it wasn't food to eat.

Once he was bored with that activity the FedEx guy arrived just in time to drop off a new toy for Max. We tried to put it together for him but he just wanted to sit in it and eat his snack.

Note the picture on the front of the box...Max kept looking inside the box for the puppies that are pictured on the front. He'd turn the box over, shake it and then look at me with a frown and say "woof woof??" Max's first experience with false advertising :)

Finally I gave in and let him go outside. There was no thunder or lightening, so I figured if he wanted go get wet I wasn't going to stop him.

I just stayed in the dining room and watched him splash in the puddles. He was in heaven.

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