Saturday, June 25, 2011

Li'l Stinkbomb

I've called Max "the stinkbomb" since he was just a few days old. I don't know where it came from, but it just seemed to fit him. I'm guessing it originated from the explosive newborn diapers that he was famous for.

I say it in an endearing way and most of the time I don't even realize it when it comes out of my mouth. However, a few weeks ago a lady at Target frowned at me when I said to Max: " don't always get everything you want" (as he was trying to catapult himself out of the shopping cart when I took a toy away).

What was with the disapproving look? Is "stinkbomb" inappropriate or maybe just a weird thing to call your kid? Or maybe she was reacting to his fit. Either way, I got a little self conscious.

So that evening I asked Bill if it was normal to call your child a stinkbomb. Most kids have cute nicknames ending in "bear" (as I side note...I've already taken to calling Sullivan "Sully-Bear", which might be worse than stinkbomb from a little boy's perspective). Billy reassured me matter-of-factly that it was fine to call Max a stinkbomb since it was true. That response made me smile. Max IS a stinkbomb so why not call him that.

It turns out that I didn't invent the nickname and finding this t-shirt made me feel better....

It has to be normal if they print it on a t-shirt, right? I probably shouldn't follow that logic, but if there is a demand for tiny stinkbomb t-shirts I'm not the only weird parent who has given their kid a gross nickname.

Max is wearing his new shirt proudly...

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