Sunday, May 29, 2011

We've made it.

I can't believe it. We're home. Last year about this time I wanted out of our old house so badly. I was done with it and the busy street and the pool and the ridiculous driveway situation. We put it on the market and it just became a "house" in my mind.

As the months dragged on (and my hormones returned to normal levels) I became sentimental about the beautiful old house and I realized I had been a little irrational about the whole thing. I mean...Max wasn't even 6 months old at the time...he wasn't going to toddle out to the pool by himself or run out into the middle of 55th St just yet. I gained a little perspective, but still realized this was not the best home to raise our family in.

Then I wrote this post. I didn't know it at the time, but everything was about to fall into place the way it was meant to happen in just a few short weeks into the future. And now after a whirlwind of packing and paperwork we're in our new place that fits all of our criteria and we finally feel settled.

It has our needs (quiet street, 2 car garage, easy access from my car into the house) and also the things that make a house a real home for Billy and me (old neighborhood, walking distance to shops/restaurants, tree lined street). We also have many plans for this house and the additions we're going to make in the coming years. We see so much potential here.

We're really excited about this new chapter in our lives. And as a bonus we get to add another little baby to it! We couldn't be happier with the way things played out. The wait was worth it and made us realize what is most important to us. I'm always amazed how the phrase "everything happens for a reason" consistently proves itself in my life even though I hate to hear it in the midst of a challenge.

So now, with the craziness of the move behind us, all that's on the "to do" list is to make room in our hearts and our new home for little Sullivan. And I'm happy to just sit in my nest and await his arrival.

Here are a few pics of what we've been up to in the new house:
Max loves: the backyard (with no pool!!).

Washing hands and feet after playing outside.

Max loves: his new playroom

Read me books, Momma! All day. All day. All day.


Max loves: riding his fire truck in the living room

He climbs on and says "Go. Go. Go."

Max loves: to watch out the front door.

The construction on our street has been a real treat for Max.

Max (still) loves: to eat. Now in his new highchair in his new kitchen!

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