Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar party

Max got to hang out during our Oscar watch party. He liked the cheese and grapes and watching Stella (my friend Erin's dog)

Max and Stella have a peculiar relationship. It always takes him a little while to warm up to her. It's hilarious that he's more intimidated by this little pup than he is by my parent's Great Danes.

They spend a lot of time eyeing each other. I don't think either of them like to have competition for attention...

Max kept trying to sneak whole grapes. He goes crazy for grapes. We all had to keep an eye on him and make sure to cut them in half before he got them in his mouth.

Max getting fed grapes like a mini greek god :)

This could easily be my dinner every night...

We also had mini chicken parmesean, spinach manicotti and mini ceasar salads in parmesean bowls. Delicious.

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  1. I'm so proud Stella made the blog! They definitely have a love/hate relationship. Stella always wants to be the baby. -EB