Monday, February 28, 2011

Mini Milestones

Max has graduated from his infant car seat to a big boy front-facing car seat.

Here he is in the old one:

This photo doesn't accurately depict how much he dislikes riding in this car seat. He was so bored riding backwards that any drive that took longer than 10 minutes resulted in frustrated grunts and throwing toys in the backseat. Not really sure when he turned against it. He used to love riding in the car and would fall asleep instantly when I placed him in his seat.

Our trusty infant carrier will only get a 6 month hiatus before being put to use again!

Now we have installed this new car seat. We took him for a ride around the block just to see how he liked it.

He kicked and clapped and laughed so hard when I would turn around and peek at him.

I love being able to reach back and pinch his cheeks or tickle his feet at stop lights now. I think we're both thankful for the change of scenery!

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