Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Name Poll

Billy and I find out if we're having a boy or girl on Thursday! We cannot wait. This will be a new experience for us since we didn't find out with Max. Another thing that is foreign to us...not being 100% set on the baby's name way in advance. We knew our first boy would be named Max McAlister before we were even married. For years we would point out restaurants and places that had the name "Max" in them and I'd get a little butterfly in my stomach hoping that one day I would meet this little Max of ours. The name just came to us one afternoon when we were talking about our imaginary kids and when the doctor handed us our little boy 9 years later we didn't even have to discuss any others. Our girl name was much the same, but came to us later. I honestly don't have as vivid of a memory of that discussion as I do for Max, but Emelia Lou was going to be the name if he had been a girl. No question.

I don't know why this time it's been a bit more difficult for us. We're definitely set on the first name for a boy, but I've been struggling with the middle name. The girl name is the one that is really stumping me. I still love Emelia, but a few others have been swimming around in my head lately too. I know I may regret putting this out there but I thought it would be interesting. So let us know what name you think is best for Baby Murray!

Disclaimer: Billy and I still will have the last say no matter what the poll results are! :)

Baby Boy Names
Sullivan James
Sullivan Maguire
Sullivan Grey free polls

Baby Girl Names
Emelia Lou
Everly Hazel
Ellis McLain free polls

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