Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fat Feet

When I was pregnant with Max my feet were SO swollen. I literally wore a size 11 knitted mule (words can't describe the hideousness of these shoes) to the hospital the day I delivered him. The good news is I wasn't able to wear them out of the hospital because I had deflated like a balloon about 24 hours after he arrived.

At any rate, I'm preparing for elephantitus round 2 since I'm certain that this is my fate for all of my pregnancies. Especially considering this little is due in the sweltering month of August (evidence that this baby was truly unplanned ;).

I decided I should start shopping for a shoe that was comfortable and forgiving to allow for the gradual expansion that is sure to take place. I was looking online and in the description of the very popular TOMS was "Will stretch with wear". That's what I need! So I purchased them in bright red. A decision I will surely regret. I should have gone with a sliming color like black, but I was feeling bold.

Feeling good about being proactive about my "fat foot" issue I started thinking about Max. Max also has fat little feet. They actually look like a mini version of mine when pregnant. They're sooooo cute (the mini version of anything is sure to be cute, right?). Shoes for him are difficult, though, because they absolutely must stretch or I won't be able to squeeze his foot into them due to the "cushion" he has on the top of his feet. The little leather shoes work well, but he's already in the XL size of those so I wasn't exactly sure where to go from there.

When I selected my TOMS a little box popped up on the screen to show me "other related items"...a pair of mini TOMS! Again, mini=cute. I had to get them.

So all of this was just a really long explanation for why I'm sharing these pictures on the blog.

Us in our new stretchy shoes that arrived today. We feel so free :)

Look at this cute little box Max's shoes came in! I love this company and our comfy shoes.

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  1. Riley has the extra padding on the tops of her feet too! The best thing about Toms is that they donate a pair to children in need for every pair you buy - great cause!