Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making Molehills Out of Mountains

When things seem daunting and impossible I remember that, no matter what, I have my little family. Nothing is too big to conquer with the power of that thought. I've realized that as long as I have my husband and baby (plus this little one I'm growing :) I will be happy. No matter where we live, no matter what we're doing, regardless of the things we have or the things we don't have, we will be together and that's all I need. It's such a comforting thought in the face of all the very real problems in our world today and even just daily stresses in our lives. And that is how I make the mountains in my life into molehills.

Waking up to this ridiculous face (and hair) every morning doesn't hurt either...

I love to capture the crazy morning hair-do's. It's like a work of art each day that is never the same.

Good Morning!

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