Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Saturday at the Museum

Coming from a very artistically talented family (the gene missed me, but I'm hopeful for Max) I thought it was important to begin exposing the little man to some art. So we decided to spend the afternoon at the Nelson on Saturday. It was the perfect cold and rainy day to spend indoors. He loved looking at the colorful paintings but was frustrated that he couldn't touch them.

We strolled him around and pointed out animals in some of the paintings and sculptures so he could practice his animal sounds. Max would babble conversationally in the quiet exhibits and a few times he let out a really high pitched "ya ya ya!". He loved hearing his voice echo. Watching him discover it was so cute. He would look at us with his eyebrows raised like, "did you HEAR that?!" Billy and I just decided to let him carry on instead of shushing him much to the disapproval of the other museum attendees I'm sure. I know you're supposed to be quiet in a museum, but he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Who would have the heart to stifle such enthusiasm?




Making a run for it.

"Hey, where are the animals?" This exhibit was for momma to enjoy.

We finished the afternoon with a late lunch at the Rozzelle Court.
Billy and I discussed the need for a children's art exhibit within the Nelson. Wouldn't that be a cool idea? Max really enjoyed the exhibits, but I think he might find it boring as he gets older. If there was a place that had brightly colored kids artwork and a more relaxed atmosphere I think it would be a huge hit. Maybe a place like this already exists in KC and I just need to find it. Or maybe I just had a genius idea! :)


  1. What fun and an excellent way to spend the afternoon. Wonderscope Children's Museum is fun if you haven't been there - more child oriented - Billy should have fun! lol

  2. Love the elbow patches. Max's legs look long in these photos. Lanky in the making? -EB