Thursday, March 17, 2011

We have a healthy, beautiful.................


Dear Sullivan,

Now that that you're "officially" a boy I can share my wish that only a few people knew...I had secretly hoped you would be a boy! Of course any baby is a blessing and, like all mommas, I just wanted to get the report that my baby was healthy.

It's just that ever since finding out I was pregnant with you I've been having dreams of a little brother for Max (even though I thought you might be a girl in the beginning of my pregnancy). You're going to be only 18 months younger than your big brother and I love the idea of the two of you growing up together so closely...playing cars and trains and sharing a room with bunk beds when you're a bit older. I picture the two of you playing football together as young men (maybe at Rockhurst...a mom can dream, right? ;). My two handsome sons.

When your Dad and I thought of our family early in our relationship we imagined two or three heartbreakingly adorable boys followed by a baby sister for you all to look after. Who knows what the future holds, but I will tell you my sweet boy, you're the next piece of the puzzle for our family and we cannot wait for you!

My whole heart,

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  1. Second baby is going to get lots of attention from Aunt EB. Middle child bond. :)