Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Garden

One of the best parts about the fact that we'll still own the house on 55th ST is that we get to keep our plot at the community garden. Our renter wants nothing to do with it. If he's hiring people to take care of the pool and lawn there's no way gardening will be on his agenda. :)

We learned a lot last year and hope to have an even better garden this time around. It served its purpose by providing us with endless fresh arugula, spinach, chives and green onion but it just looked so disorganzied and sad. I'm determined not to have the most pathetic looking garden box this year.

Plus we're excited to teach Max about planting and growing. I have a feeling we'll be spending many summer days with this barefoot baby at the garden. He'll be a good water boy.

He's a natural already as seen below directing Dada with the shovel. Foreman Max.

For whatever reason our green onions came back in full force. They were gigantic. We pulled them out because there's something just not normal about green onions the size of a one year old.

We were teaching Max about planting and demonstrated how to do it by planting his feet in the dirt.

He caught on quickly and kept picking buds off the chives and then burying them in the dirt.

The sign of a successful afternoon in the garden...

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