Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Easter really snuck up on me this year despite it being much later in the season than usual. We were really looking forward to the fact that Max could actually hunt for eggs and participate in the festivities this time around. Last year he had no clue what was going on as we colored boiled eggs, visited the bunny and shuffled him around to hunt for plastic eggs.

This year he was very aware of the strangeness of Easter traditions. Which made us realize we have no idea why we have the traditions that we have. I'm going to need to read up before he can ask me real questions. For now, I can only imagine what he's thinking...

"Ok, so what does this bunny have to do with Easter and why is he wearing glasses? This is creepy."

My mom and I took Max to visit the E-Bunny at Crown Center along with cousin Annabelle. He was a little apprehensive about sitting with the bunny by himself so Annabelle and I stepped in for moral support.

"Another question, Mom...what's with these eggs? I'm really going to need you to explain this holiday to me again."

This year we decided to decopage ceramic eggs rather than deal with the dye. Max's quick little hands would've had the cups of colored vinegar all over the floor in no time regardless of how closely he was monitored.

The glue brush went in his mouth more than once. I tried to wipe the glue off his tongue before he could swallow it. Lots of kids have eaten glue, right? And the label says non-toxic. I'll just continue with my momma-mantra that I repeat to myself multiple times a day..."He'll be fine."
(BTW, how many of you are wondering if I ever put pants on my baby?? :)
Easter morning:

"I guess that bunny guy isn't so bad afterall."

"He left my favorite treats inside these eggs! Puffs, goldfish and Nilla Wafers!!"

Easter morning we took Max to church. We had decided ahead of time that we'd leave him at the little preschool for the first time since Easter service is always so incredibly packed. We arrived extra early to make sure he could get settled in only to find out that the preschool was closed that day! Oh well. We love having him with us during Mass even with all the fidgiting. Just looking at him when the choir is singing and during the readings makes it all come together for me. As corny as it may sound he is my personal proof that God exists. Max and all the other little babies sitting in the pews around us has given me a more tangible aspect to faith. Max was especially well behaved during the service and we were so excited that the priest who married us, Father Rotert, was presiding even though he retired over five years ago. He is the kindest man and played a huge part in me deciding to become Catholic. It was so comforting to see him again.

Here's Max chillin' in the pew...

Next we had a marathon of Easter celebrations. So fun and tiring at the same time. Max wasn't the most pleasant kid to be around...especially since he was coming down with a cold. Truthfully, his mood went steadily downhill as the day went on...but I did manage to get one last cute photo before he lost his mind :)

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