Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today was a good day.

Sorry I've been slacking on the blog lately. We're in the process of moving finally. We're closing in 3.5 weeks and I don't know how all of these boxes around me are going to get filled. Especially since they've become Max's favorite toys. He flips them on their side and crawls in. Then sets them up and throws toys inside. Then drags and pushes them across the room. Its pretty cute but not helping me get anything done.

Anyway, today we set our "to do" list aside to enjoy the gorgeous day. I figure everything will get done one way or another...right? Please lie to me.

Either way we had a great day and here are a few things that I loved about it:

1. We had a nice little walk across the street and ate lunch with Lolli and GG at Cafe Europa.

2. Max ate dirt and I didn't stop him. I literally watched him lick his hand after sticking his paws in an old flower pot.

3. Spinning. Max discovered what its like to feel dizzy and he loves it. He would spin around and around and around on the front porch and then stagger over to me giggling. Drunk baby.

4. Waiting outside for Dada to get home from work. Max likes to sit in the front yard while we wait and wave to the people walking their dogs or babies. Or wave at the St. Teresa's cross country team or anyone who drives by with their window down. We sit and wait and pick grass. And then when Dad finally pulls in the driveway its like the reunion of a lifetime. They run toward each other like its been ages. I feel so lucky to witness this joyful occasion.

And my sweet husband didn't even ask me what I got done today or why our house looks like I was unpacking rather than packing or why our baby didn't have any pants on.

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