Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free Baby

We were so glad the weather was nice enough for us to get outside and up the street to our favorite park this past week. We hadn't visited since late September and it felt good to be in the big open space. I wanted Max to experience real freedom now that he's walking...as opposed to the boobie-trapped house that leaves him at a dead end seemingly at every turn. The poor kid walks laps in the house everyday -- from the living room, into the kitchen, a quick peek into the bathroom, through the dining room, and circling back into the living room. And then he does it again. And again. Just watching him makes me think of a little mouse running through a maze, although he seems to be genuinely enjoying the little path he's created for himself. We switch it up by going down to the play area we've made for him in the basement or going upstairs to explore all of the rooms, but I just can't wait for consistently good weather so he can be outdoors with no boundaries all the time. Now that he's a pro-walker I wanted to let him explore on his own while knowing that I'm safely nearby if he needs me.

I love watching him walk. He marches forward with such purpose. So sure of where he's going. I hope he's always this sure of himself and his direction. He'd stumble here and there on the uneven ground, but always stood right back up. I could see his confidence building with every step. And it was a good exercise for me to just let him go. I had to consciously hold my ground otherwise I would have been two steps behind him, hovering. No one likes that. So I tried my hardest to give him a little space.

We returned home with one tired little babe. I think the fresh air was good for us all.

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