Sunday, May 15, 2011

This week.

I'm utterly exhausted. This past week has taken it all out of me. Moving, unpacking, trying to get our now "rental property" spotlessly clean and celebrating my 30th birthday. Oh, and I managed to make it to my dental appointment somewhere in the middle of all of that too.

Little Max has been a trooper. The poor guy has had some interesting meals this week since we still haven't gone to the grocery store to stock the fridge. Random canned goods have come in handy. The first night we were in the house I couldn't even find the can opener though so luckily I found a single-serve can of Speghetti-O's in the kitchen cabinet. Did I buy that at some point? I don't remember packing or unpacking it. Did the previous owner leave it behind? I'm not sure. That and a slice of stale wheat bread spread with some peanut butter was his dinner. Then I gave him his bath but could only find our little travel kit that has old hotel shampoo in it. Good to know that my baby will not spontaneously combust if he doesn't have a balanced meal and a bath with his organic shampoo :)

Even with all of this craziness I feel really content. It finally seems like we're on the other side of the hill we've been climbing trying to get all of this to fall into place. I'll write more about the new house soon, but for now I'll just include some recent pictures of what we've been up to this past week when we haven't been up to our necks in boxes.

Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday we walked up to Glace' with Grandma Murray for ice cream.

And this is what I woke up to on Sunday morning :)

Chocolate chip and fresh blueberry pancakes and pink tulips.

Then we went to the zoo for the afternoon with the whole family.

Max was so excited to see the animals. Especially the polar bear.

When we got home from the zoo Max was more than ready for his afternoon nap. So Sullivan and I went for a dip in the pool while he slept.

Then later in the day we went up to the garden to water our seeds.

Monday evening we went to Quigley's for dinner to see our dear friend Dave on his last night. We had just closed on the house earlier in the day so we were also celebrating our new home!

The boys.

Coloring on the floor.

Eating corn doggies from a sharks mouth is way more fun than eating off the table like a civilized person.

Saturday was my 30th bday party at the Blue Grotto. It was exactly what I wanted...I little gathering with the people I love.

Here's Max this Sunday morning getting a closer look at the collage of pictures my mom put together for the party.

From these images you can't tell how disorganized are lives are right now can you?

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