Friday, May 20, 2011

"The Land of And"

Do you know those commercials? I cannot stand them. I think its for some horrible restaurant like "Old Country Buffet"...I'm not even sure. But like anything incredibly annoying it got stuck in my head the other day. Through some weird stream of consciousness I started thinking about the word and and its importance in my life. Such a tiny and simple word that connects some of the biggest pieces of my life together.

For so long, it was just me. I was just Sara. One person. And then Billy came along and I acquired my first and. Sara and Billy. The addition of that and gave me someone else to consider and put before my own needs.

With Max, my and moved forward again. Sara, Billy and Max. After that, my time, my energy and my focus all changed directions as our little stinkbomb rearranged everything we knew about responsibility and love.

Last weekend, as I was laying on the couch thinking these weird thoughts while watching my "big" and and my "little" and play together, the littlest and of all gave me a solid kick in the ribs, reminding me that the position of our and is about to move forward again.

Sara, Billy, Max and Sullivan.

I wonder how many times our and will shift positions to accommodate new important beings in our lives. Wherever my and ends up I feel very lucky for its existence in my life.

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  1. You write so eloquently, my dear...your written words say "it" so beautifully every time. I love you! Mom