Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here we go!

Max is now walking. WALKING! We were just getting a handle on the crawling situation, but now the game has changed yet again. He's been practicing for awhile now, but I think the fact that he took six whole steps in a row officially puts him in the "walker" stage of babyhood (or, he a toddler now?!).

It's so adorable to watch the intense concentration on his face when he gives walking a try. He'll stand up and wobble a bit fighting gravity, and then bravely shuffle his little feet forward. This time there was less wobbling and six full, unassisted steps! Oh Max. We're so proud. Your Dad and I looked at each other like we won the lottery. Well, we kinda did... :)

This is the song we've been playing on repeat to get Max pumped up when he practices walking. I have all the words memorized now and Bill is going to lose it if he hears this song even one more time. Gotta love the '80's

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