Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Snow!

This past weekend technically wasn't Max's first snow. It last snowed on Valentine's Day...the day after he was born. We sat in our cozy hospital room and watched the big flakes fall. I normally can't stand snow after Christmas, but that day was an exception.

Unfortunately, he's still a little too young for his first trip to Suicide Hill. Plus, it has been frigid outside for the past couple days so he hasn't been able to have the full snow experience yet.

Instead of going out to play in the snow we stayed in and read a book about it while wearing our warm hats. Then I went outside and got a little clump of snow and let him play with it on the entryway rug. His reaction to it was so adorable...too bad I forgot to take a pic of that (I can't think of everything!)

I love to experience the newness of something through his eyes. Imagine not knowing what snow is! Seeing that look of wonder on his face over something I think of as so ordinary is priceless. To a baby everything is fascinating and confusing and it makes me appreciate the simple things in the world.


  1. I will always remember that Valentine's Day. I was so nervous to hold him. Flash forward to Bill's birthday brunch ... dinner and clearly the fear was gone. -Aunt EB

  2. Love it, sweet little guy. Your cousins and I LOVE that book, read it to them twice today! Before we know it the three of you will be sledding together. xoxo, Aunt Colleen