Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Max

Max's first Christmas was as special as we had hoped. Last year Billy and I opened presents on Christmas morning by ourselves like we had for the past 8 years. We were snowed in from the blizzard that covered Kansas City on Christmas Eve and I was wearing a Snuggie like a MuMu. We talked about the fact that it was our last Christmas just the two of us and thought how different Christmas morning was going to be the following year. We realized our baby would probably be old enough to open his or her own presents. I envisioned our little one in white and red stripped jammies in front of our tree. We wondered if we'd be buying baby dolls and dresses or toy trucks and footballs. So many things were going to happen between that day and Christmas 2010, but it was only one year away. And here we are one year later. Max wore the stripped jammies I had imagined and we had the most precious Christmas ever...

Max and Grandma Murray at Christmas Eve Mass.

We read Max's favorite Christmas book and left homemade carrot cupcakes for Santa and the reindeer.

Here's what Santa left under the tree.

Max had so much fun opening all his toys (see video below). He got a retro Radio Flyer rocket, a jack-in-the-box, lots of fun wooden toys, a BEARS football and lots more. Here in this photo he seems more interested in Oliver's Christmas present than the ones behind him.

Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa Murray's house. Nora and Max play so well together now. She's clearly the boss :)

Later in the day we went to Lolli and BooBo's house. Uncle Adam helped Max open his present from Annabelle.

Lolli enjoying her babies on Christmas.

The most special gift - Lolli and BooBo had this made especially for Max. It's the Murray family crest. We're looking forward to the day when Max can understand how truly meaningful this present is.

We hope you all had a happy Christmas too!

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