Monday, November 29, 2010

"Love, love, here we are"

I saw this quote on a necklace while doing a little Cyber Monday shopping online today and I have mentally tucked it away in my mind's treasure chest. My eyes were immediately drawn to the words. Finally a quote that expresses how it feels to be living each day with my husband and sweet baby boy (well, maybe not each and every second of everyday, but for the most part :).

As someone who has spent a lot of time looking forward and focusing on the future her whole life it’s nice to finally feel “here”. Like the present is the “there” I had been trying to reach. The place I had been waiting my whole life to get to has arrived and I’m living it. I keep repeating the quote in my head as I snuggle here on the couch with Billy, Max and Oliver in front of our happy tree and warm fire. “Love, love, here we are.” Yes. Yes, we definitely are.

My loves lounging on the couch.

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