Saturday, November 13, 2010

9 Months

Max has now been outside my belly for as long as he was in. It's kind of hard for me to wrap my mind around that fact. WHERE IS THE PAUSE BUTTON ON THIS CHILD?! Or at least slow-mo. My sister, Jennifer, is about to have her first baby any day now. I keep telling her, and all other pregnant momma's I come across, "enjoy every goes by so fast."

For instance, Max used to fall asleep laying on my chest with his tiny head resting on my heart. Now he uses me as his personal jungle gym whenever I try to get him to lay quietly with me. However, the other day Max gave me the gift of going back in time. He crawled up on my chest and laid his little head down. In a few minutes he had dozed off the way he did when he was an itty bitty baby. I know it was just because he was a bit under the weather and totally exhausted, but his reason for doing it didn't matter. In that moment I listened to my own advice - enjoy it. it goes by so fast. - I closed my eyes and did just that. Happy 9 months my little baby. I won't take a single second for granted.

Billy grabbed the camera to document this sweetness, but as soon as he did the stinker popped his eyes open.
And just like that...the moment had passed...

Max Stats:
23 lbs (85th percentile)
29 inches (80th percentile)
Recent Max-isms:
- Throws his arms up when you say "Touch Down!"
- Says "Quack Quack" when you show him a duck (sometimes ;)
- Pulls up on ev-er-y-thing and walks around furniture
- Hasn't learned how to sit from the standing position so he goes down in the middle splits to get back down on the floor
- Loves to clap his hands
- He thinks the word "no" is funny, but he actually listens and will stop doing whatever it was he was doing when I say it. (I wonder how long that will last)
- Waves and says ba-ba (bye-bye), but only when it's HIS idea
- His favorite toys are footballs, soccer balls and baseballs. Anything that rolls makes him flap his arms and kick his legs like crazy!

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