Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Magic

And so it has begun...the holidays! Billy and I are nearly bubbling over with excitement to share Christmastime with Max. I think a tiny spark has been rekindled within us this season. Although, Billy has always lovingly been called "Clark Griswold" this time of the year for a reason...sooo maybe its just me that has a renewed sense of the holiday spirit. At any rate, we already have our two Christmas trees up. Two. And they both are real. I've never seen Bill more giddy than when we took Max to cut down the "inside tree" this weekend. The other tree is displayed on the front porch and we got that one up the day before Tgiving in preparation for Billy's annual lighting ceremony (see "Clark Griswold" comment above).

First, a couple shots of the Thanksgiving festivities...

Our little turkey only outweighed our actual Thanksgiving turkey by 2 lbs.
The man ate cranberries, salmon, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green bean casserole!

A very proud Lolli and BooBo - first Thanksgiving with their grandkiddos.
I made Max his "First Christmas" ornament at the Meyers' Thanksgiving. I think I'll try to hand-make an ornament for him each year.
On the hunt for the perfect tree. It was a gorgeous day.
Back in the car. Tuckered out from all the fresh air.
Checking out his ornament.
The tree.

He loved the train.

Max's stocking hung in between ours...the perfect symbol of our growing family.

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