Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doing nothing for the fun of it...

With how busy our lives have been lately we truly appreciate the days of doing nothing. Nothing may sound boring but it's our purposeful enjoyment of that nothing that makes days like this something to remember. The simple act of living in the present with no agenda is something I have to work doesn't come naturally to me being a "planner" by nature. Is it bad that I actually scheduled this day of "nothing"? Ah, one step forward, two steps back. At any rate here's what nothing looks like...

Max did a little early morning yoga to get things started.
Then he spent some time laughing at momma being silly. Gigglebox.

Ok, now what?

Naked baby time!?! Yesssss....Max's favorite.

Another one of his favorites: books. He will literally look at books by himself for 20 minutes at a time. This may not seem long, but in baby-attention-span time its an eternity.

Then, late into the afternoon, we attempted to get dressed but didn't get very far.
(to be fair the mom behind the camera is still in pjs)

We spent a little time watching the cars go by.

And chatting with some stuffed animals.

Max likes to play with Oliver's whiskers. Oli doesn't mind.

And that was pretty much it. Just laying around being lazy and being together.

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