Thursday, October 14, 2010

8 months! Unbelievable.

When I was pregnant I cried over everything. Especially happy, sappy things. Correction...I still cry over everything. Maybe it just comes with the territory of being a mom, but I "happy cry" more than any normal person I'm sure. When I was about 5 months pregnant I was shopping at Macy's (buying up all the XL clothes I could before I had to convert 100% to maternity clothes) when they started playing "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts over the speakers. I started bawling. It was embarrassing but I couldn't control it. If you listen to the words I'm sure it's exactly what every parent wants for their child. I looked down at my growing belly and hoped that the little person in there was going to have the best possible life he or she could. "My Wish" has been one of my blog songs from its inception and it still makes me cry today.
Now that Max is here and has lived the first 8 months of his life, I'm confident that he is as happy as he can be. He's surrounded by so much love, attention and encouragement from family and friends and, of course, his mommy and daddy. I know there will be many days of uncertainty as a parent but so far I feel good about the job we're doing.

For his 8-month bday celebration we thought we'd take our big guy toooooo.........the CASINO! Well, not exactly our idea (and we explained to Max that he still has 20 years and 4 months until he can fully enjoy all that the casino has to offer). It was just that Daddy had an overnight work function there and we were invited to join. So Max and I pretended we were on "vacation" while Dad went to his event. We explored the shops and watched the fountains. Then we ordered room service and had a picnic on the bed in the hotel room. Max seemed to really like the change of scenery. I think he's got the travel-bug like his mom and dad. Hey, he didn't know that we were only about 20 minutes away from home...we could have been in Italy for all he knew :) Dad came up to the room just a bit later to make it feel like a real-life family vacation. It was a fun little overnight trip in honor of Maxer's 8 months!

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