Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coming Clean

Max has graduated from his little whale tub to a big boy seat in the bath. He had started moving around and kept trying to stand up when we were scrubbing him down. So now we have to keep him buckled in this contraption so he doesn't slip and slide around. It's the little things that make me realize my baby is growing up.

and after...
Another milestone that's quickly approaching is Max's first haircut. He has locks that any baby girl would envy, but for a husky boy its just getting too long. If he had been a girl I'd be putting in bows and barrets. Since he's very much a boy the only hair-do I can play around with is the mohawk. And it keeps getting taller and taller. I like to give him different outrageous styles in the bath and then let him admire his 'do in the mirror afterwards.
If it's still standing after the wrestling match of getting him ready for bed then I'll put him night-night with it. I can never bring myself to brush down such excellence.

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