Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend, Etc.

We had a great Labor Day weekend! Below are some highlights...
We did Irish Fest in two parts on Sunday: spent the afternoon listening to the folk singers and letting Max watch the Irish dancers and then returned in the evening (after naps and bathtime) so we could see the Red Hot Chili Pipers and the Elders. Max loved strolling through the crowds where he found hundreds of faces to smile at.
Irish Fest Part I:
Picnic lunch!
Irish Fest Part II:
Dancing to the Pipers
Pulling up fistfulls of grass for close inspection.
Billy: handsome Super-Dad

Max got to play with some of his cousins on Monday. He's so facinated by all of them and they're so sweet to their baby cousin! Such good boys. Nora did a great job too. She shared her yummy puffs with Max...she seemed to know that the way to his heart is food. :)

Also, just wanted to share some pics that my mom took of our little jaunt to the park a couple weeks ago. Max adores his Grama Lolli! It's a wonderful thing to see my mom with my baby. I appreciate her a million times more now that I'm a momma myself.
More pickle-time!

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