Monday, August 30, 2010

Adventures in Eating

"Look at that baby's legs!" is what I hear at least once a day when Max and I are out and about. He has rolls, upon rolls, upon rolls. Oh, how I love the squishy-ness of this child. Some of it is genetic and part of it has to do with his healthy appetite. This kid loves. to. eat.

Dinnertime is serious business at our house. Max starts bucking and kicking as soon as we head toward the highchair. I've experimented with flavor combinations in hopes that Max will be an adventerous eater. Our little "foodie" loves everything I whip up - Parsnips w/Asian Pears & Ginger, Rosemary Risotto w/Aspargus Puree, Greenbean Puree w/Mint. He's developed quite a sophisticated palate :) He even makes a "mmmmm" sound after each spoonful like he's savoring every bite. Mangos and banana's are high on his list of favorites right now too. But nothing compares to his passion for pickles. He loves pickles almost as much as I do. The below images illustrate Max's enthusiasm for food...


"What is THIS thing?!"
"I'll give it a try"
"This is DELICIOUS, Mom!"
These are the faces he made when the pickle was taken away... I gave it back to him and he was instantly happy again :)
And of course bathtime is usually neccessary afterwards.

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