Sunday, January 9, 2011

The "Joys" of Motherhood

I love being a mom. Do I say that often enough?? It probably gets annoying. Especially because everyone knows there are definitely some not so fun parts of being a parent. When Max was sick last week I'm sure there was not a single person who wanted to swap places with me. But as challenging as a sick baby can be I was cherishing every second of comforting him. Even though he was a snotty, sweaty beast trying to slither his way out of my arms to escape the thermometer, I realized it's the difficult times and long nights that make me feel most like a momma. It feels good to care for a fussy baby in the middle of the night in spite of the lack of sleep. The way Max looks at me when I'm making it all better is what gives me the strength to get out of bed over and over again to suction his slimy little nose.

There's nothing like a momma when you're sick. Even as an adult I want my mom when I don't feel well. When Max is under the weather I know he wants me and no one else. There's something wonderful about knowing your baby recognizes that you are his mother. Dads are great, but Moms are best at the tough stuff. You're the one who takes care of them when everyone else is sleeping. Or golfing. (just kidding, honey, you do so much:) You stayed covered in spit-up for the first three months of their life. You sacrifice yourself, clean clothes, a daily shower, and so much more for their little selves. And when your baby cries and reaches for you when the chips are down, it makes the job that much easier and rewarding.

Max on the mend...

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