Thursday, January 27, 2011

A message to Max

Dear Max,

I just want to say how incredible it is to watch you learn. You have figured out the difference between your green ball and your yellow ball, you tell me at least 10 times a day what sound a dog makes and you are the first to alert everyone in the room if there happens to be a car on TV (by pointing and yelling "car-car" until you're sure we've all heard the news that a car was momentarily on the television screen). Colors, animal sounds, names of objects...these are all things that are easy to teach such a smart little guy, but there are many things in this world that are hard to explain. I already think about what I'm going to say to you when you ask me tough questions in the future. When your curiosity about the images you see in your books turns to questions about things you hear on the news. You are so sheltered right now, but I know it is my job to teach you about everything - the good and the bad. And there are many things that are not black and white.

There are also things you may wonder about that will have no explanation and I won't be able to give you an answer. The world won't always make sense. I wish my love was enough to protect you from it all. What I can promise is that I will help you sort out your feelings about life and what it all means. I'll do my best to help you navigate the ups and downs that you will inevitably experience.

One day you'll have to make important choices about who you are and what kind of person you want to be. Just know that Dad and I will never judge you. You can be whoever you want to be and love whomever you choose to love. We will never tell you how to live your life, but encourage you to make the right choices. We will try to guide you in the right direction, but we will never forget that you are your own person with your own soul.

I hope that you will read and re-read this post when you are older and feeling like I'm the "enemy" because I've grounded you or not let you do something that you wanted to do. It may help you see things from my perspective. Your father and I love you more than you can imagine.

My whole heart,

At the time of this writing, however, you're just a curious, perfectly mischievous, sweet little boy learning to become your own person. Here are a few photos of your lessons this month...
Lesson 1:
Getting food in your mouth is harder than it looks.

Lesson 2:
We celebrate at fancy restaurants when Dad gets a promotion.

Max is saying "This guy is #1!"

Lesson 3:
Snow is COLD.

Lesson 4:
A big pool can be intimidating. But a Grama can protect you.

Lesson 5:
Chicago dogs are what you eat when the Bears play.

Lesson 6:
Some things are heavier than they look.

Lesson 7:
Real men help with the housework.

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