Monday, January 24, 2011

Reason #957

Reason #957 I love having a kid is the way we can turn any random small idea into a huge production for Max. The other day we thought how much he would love to ride one of those mechanical horses you see at grocery stores, WM, etc. And then the wheels began turning. The best one I could think of is at the Gate's BBQ on Stateline. They still have the original horse. I rode it when I was little and it still looks exactly the same. I have many childhood memories at Gate's. It reminds me of my Grampa. Not only did he design the logo for the restaurant, but I feel like we ate there ALL the time with my grandparents. As I got older I realized the only thing I liked about the place was the strawberry cream soda and the pickles. However, when I was pregnant with Max, Billy jokingly asked me if perhaps I was craving BBQ one particular day (his way of tip-toeing around the fact that HE wanted BBQ). I thought about it and, actually, it did sound good. Weird. So off we went. I don't know what happened to my taste buds, but all of a sudden I was drowning my turkey and fries in Gate's hot sauce. I loved it. But I digress...

We knew Max would love to naw on some ribs and pickles while riding a mechanical bucking bronco so it was settled. We grabbed a handful of quarters and a bib for Max and headed out for some BBQ and a pony ride. Below are the pics from our little outing that our entire day was planned around. I even made sure he dressed the part. How cute are the knitted cowboy booties?

UGH! I can't wait to cut this scraggly hair!!

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