Monday, August 1, 2011

The boys' rooms

We finally have both of the boys' rooms together!

Sullivan's Room:
We were able to use all of Max's baby stuff and put a different spin on it for Sullivan.
We went with a circus theme (minus scary clowns). Basically everything in the room is from Max's nursery but we threw in the color red to give it a different feel.

Mom, Gram and I made this pendant for him. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Ok, Sully, we're officially ready for you to arrive!

Max's Room:
I adore Max's big boy room. Its such a random compilation of colors and unrelated items but it feels like a place that is really "him". What I like most is that nearly everything in it has a special meaning or a story behind it. Even the dresser was mine when I was young.

(You can see Max's little suitcase beside his crib. Packed and ready to go! :)

Putting his puppy night-night.

Normally mixing different colors of wood and throwing a black chair in a brown room would bother me, but something about it all works. My mom would call this room eclectic :)


  1. Sara both are so cute! You have such a great sense of style! Can't wait to meet the new addition! :)

  2. What beautiful rooms! May I ask where you got Baby Sullivan's elephant crib bedding??