Sunday, August 22, 2010

Memory Card Full

Those of you who know me really well know that I'm scared to death of deleting ANYTHING off of my memory card. Even when I have an image saved to my computer and on an online storage site and on a still breaks my heart to discard that special moment. It's weird and irrational, but it's a real phobia I have. I still have pictures from our trip to Italy in May of 2009 saved on a card that holds over 800 images. What is wrong with me? I'll be taking pictures of Max when all of a sudden I hear that familiar "beep beep" of the memory card full warning and I have to hurry and determine which photos to delete in order to avoid missing the next "cutest moment ever" in Max's life.

It’s amazing the amount of life altering experiences that fits on that little card no bigger than a postage stamp. This week I decided it was time to get over my fear. So, in an attempt at closure, Billy and I plugged the camera into the TV and watched our lives evolve with the many moments that were held on the card. We laughed at how innocent we look in the pictures from Italy before finding out we were going to have a baby and how swollen I was right before having Max and we teared up at how embarrassingly proud we look the day he was born.
Here are a few images that I bravely deleted from that little card that is now waiting to be filled up again. Enjoy...





Wine tasting


Halloween and getting huge
Thanksgiving-ish - 3 more months to go!

Big Momma - so swollen. I had a long night ahead of me...
...but the end result was this pink, wrinkly, bundle of love.

Our first night in the hospital Max slept on Daddy's chest.

At home: Bill on burp-duty

So tiny!

First bath

Just a few days old.

One of my favorites!

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