Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5 months!

Max just gets more and more fun each month. He's such a little "person" now. He really loves peek-a-boo, which most babies do at this age, but he likes to lead the game...he'll turn his head away...wait a couple seconds then turn his head back to me and giggle. Max has really been exercising his independence this month. He'll choose the toys he likes to play with by turning away from ones he's not interested in and reaching for the one he wants. Also, he'd rather play in his crib by himself in the mornings instead of fussing for me to come get him as soon as he wakes up. And he refuses to nap most days - a not so fun aspect of this "independent baby" phase. I think he's just too excited about the world around him to sleep. Here's what he was up to this past month...
Oliver loved Max instantly, but it was unrequited on Max's end. He was pretty disintereted in the dog until this month. Now he loves to watch Oli and reaches down so Oliver can lick his hand. They also enjoy play-time together. They're facinated by one another...
Oliver: So, Max, I'll trade you this ball here under my left paw for one of your toys. Deal?

Avocado was a big hit!


Headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Amy, Max and me with the rhino

Walked to the lake to watch the sunset.

Billy making Amy uncomfortable :)

Meeting the O'Neal cousins for the first time!

Heading to "Noodles in the Pot"

Hanging out at Erin & John's for the BIG Murray party!


Max-Man ready for the big "Dip Party"!
Poor Max didn't get to eat any ice cream at Murray's :(

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