Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 months!

Wow - another month has flown by! Max has been up to quite a bit since the last post. He had his baptism, flew on an airplane, took his first dip in the pool, learned to roll over, discovered how delicious rice cereal is and decided to start working on those chubby legs in his jumper. I, of course, have been frantically trying to document every little milestone. Below are a few moments I captured...

GodMomma & God Dad (above) / Us with the bagpiper

"Yeah, I'm on a plane. So what?"

At Lolli & Poppa's vow renewal ceremony


Max doesn't know it yet in this picture but his world is about to change...

"Let go! I've got it, I've got it..."

"Wait...where does it go?"

The aftermath
Dr. Kate said we could also try Baby Mum Mums.
Yummy...but they make Mom nervous!

We thought Max would scream as soon as we put him in the cold water, but he loved it!

Lazy Sunday...

Max gets down in his "Sassy" jumper. He gets going around and around in circles and sometimes can't stop himself when he really picks up speed. It's pretty darn cute. I think those little legs are going to slim down in no time ;) It also has a little mirror attached to it that he finds mesmerizing.

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