Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Max on the go again...

Before we had Max, whenever Billy and I had a great night out or went on an awesome vacation I'd always think to myself "these are the best days of our lives". But now I know that I was wrong and THESE are the best days of our lives. Everything we do is so much more fun with Maxer! He's our little sidekick that loves to go everywhere with us. This past weekend those plans included a picnic in the park, a Royals game and a visit to his new friend's house who just made his entrance into the world last week (welcome Baby Colt! :)

Max and Billy discussing how beautiful Loose Park is in the springtime...

First Royals game with Erin & Matt

Notice the wardrobe change below. Max (and I) survived his first public diaper blow-out. I had actually thought ahead and put a back-up Royals onesie in his diaper bag. I've learned a lot these past 2 months :)

We visited the Lipe household to meet their newest addition...Colt David

Three men and their babies!

They'll be great friends...someday.

Tiny little Colt, Max in the middle lettin' it all hang out, Happy Liam


  1. Sara...these are great photos! Hearing the music on your blog and especially seeing the one photo of Billy looking down at Max...I've got tears running down my cheeks --- beautiful! I love you guys! Mom

  2. By the way, Grampa says Max needs a "smoochie." :)

  3. I just looked back at all the photos...Billy is looking down at Max in about all of them...just enjoying being a daddy...precious moments! I especially like the eighth photo...at the Royals game, where Max is looking out - with a little smile on his face - just happy being with daddy!