Thursday, March 25, 2010

Party "Pooper"

Happy 33rd Birthday, Billy! Max gave Daddy a very nice surprise in his diaper for a birthday gift this year...and it wasn't so neatly wrapped. After more than a day of just "wet" diapers we knew a perfect storm was brewing in the little guy. He was just saving it up to make sure Daddy got an extra special present on this very special birthday. I've spared you all the pictures of the explosion, but needless to say the kitchen sink sprayer got involved in the clean up and his poor onesie could not be salvaged. I posted less nauseating pictures of the birthday below. Ahh, parenthood. You know you're losing it when you think others really want to hear about your kid's poop. Sorry!

Anyway, our "party" was a little more low-key than in years past :) It's funny how our priorities have changed. In previous years Billy's parties almost certainly ended with a cab ride home after celebrating with 57 of our nearest and dearest friends. However, he just wanted it to be the four (including Oli) of us at home on his birthday this year. So we had a nice dinner, cookie cake and opened presents...just us! Oh, how little Max has made big changes around here.

Waitin' for Dad to get home so the party can start...

Wearing his "I love Daddy" shirt (and much of his dinner as you can see from the big wet spot around the collar)

Billy and his boys!

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