Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Week in the Life of Max...

We've had quite a week! So many new experiences for us and for Max. We had LOTS of visitors at the hospital to welcome Max into the world. Even the nurses commented on how popular he was :) The first photo in the slide show below is everyone waiting for Billy to come out and announce if we had a BOY or a GIRL! (the video is posted below also) It was so fun not knowing until the "big moment". I will never forget hearing Billy say "It's a boy!" at the end of all the hard work of labor. The highlight of our stay in the hospital was spending Valentine's Day with my two sweethearts -- Billy made it very memorable with a special dinner courtesy of the chefs at Classic Cup. When we came home the next day we showed Max around his nursery. It was an experience we all shared because Billy and I hadn't seen it finished either. It turned out really cute and it was such a fun surprise to come home to. Max got his first bath and was NOT happy about it but was easily consoled once it was over. To finish out the week Billy bought Max a cookie cake to celebrate his "One Week" Birthday. He's already growing up too fast :)

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